Paris, Je t'aime

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Bonjour mes amis!

I went to Paris last week for three days! I love Paris and was so excited to go back. I love France and the French language a lot in general (you could say I am slightly obssessed). Aled & I had booked the week off work ages ago and thought we deserved a bit of a holiday (partly celebrating the fact that we recently both got new jobs!). We went on the Eurostar which was great and such less hassle than flying and being someone who dislikes flying, it will always be a winner for me. We stayed at Hotel Parc Saint Severin, which is a lovely little hotel in the centre of Paris, very near the Notre Dame, which made it perfect for us to walk to a lot of the sights. We spent a great three days visiting all the usual touristy spots and eating our way through mountains of French food and wine. I'd like to return soon and do a lot more non-touristy things. I'd also hope it would be warmer on our return as it was very cold last week and I felt rather frozen most of the time. So much that we ended up returning the hotel in the late afternoons just to warm up for a few hours! The greyness of the weather definitely translates in the photos. I did love Paris in the snow though, très romantic. We actually had some blue skies on the last day which meant we could go up the Eiffel Tower and not have a very limited view which was lucky. I only managed it to the second platform (with a fear of heights I thought I might not get up it at all to be honest!) and Aled went all the way to the top and took a few photos zoomed in of the roads and buildings that I am planning to tilt shift at some point.

I'm not too happy with my photos at the moment, my DSLR is very old and think the quality is fading and auto focus slightly broken. Though I will have the make the most of it as not really sure when I will be able to afford a new one in the near future! Living in London definitely prevents saving of any kind. I'm also hoping to a find a photoraphy course I can attend as I really want to develop my photography skills. I really enjoy taking photos but I hardly know how to use most of the features on my camera!

Hoping the weather here will take a turn for the warmer soon. It's obviously no secret that England is had slightly miserable weather and it has never really bothered me that much although at the moment I feel a bit like I don't remember what it is like to be in the sun!

Definitely hoping for a warmer European holiday in the summer - we are thinking Barcelona - any recommendations for hotels/restaurants/sights? Gracias!