Moving flats & internet-less

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Our half unpacked room

As the post title indicates, I recently moved flats! We moved last weekend and I am pretty sure I am still feeling the tiring effects of the day. I really love our new flat and I like that we have a new area of London to explore, plus the fact that my rent is a lot less. We moved from a very busy area of West London to a much quieter area of North London, so it will be a very different atmosphere here. Luckily my commute time has only increased very slightly, and I am rather glad to be rid of the Central Line's humid climate although I do miss the speediness. Our new flat is a lot more spacious and I am (sadly) quite excited to have a desk in our room to blog from. It is probably a bit better for my posture than on my sofa or in bed. Our internet can't be installed till mid September, so I am mourning the lack of internet at home at the moment, and rinsing my 3G data. Hopefully I can get the odd blog post or two done from elsewhere.

View from our bedroom window - our shared garden (!)

I still have a bit of unpacking to do, I think we'll still be in settling in mode for another week. It's actually really nice to have housemates again (especially when they are already very good friends), it feels very student like and we're trying to kid ourselves that we are students again (I wish). I think we'll head to Ikea at the weekend to pick up a few bits that we've all realised we need. The girls are looking forward to this whereas the guys are not. I am not ashamed to be a massive Ikea fan. A trip there is a whole day out, breakfast or meatball dinner included!

New housemates!