Frustration & routine

Thursday, 28 June 2012

I have been wanting to write on here for a few weeks now, instead of posting more photos. I can never bring myself to start typing, mostly because I don't rate myself as a good writer (at all) and secondly because well, pouring out my thoughts for people to read can be a little embarrassing. Nevertheless, I enjoy blogging and I do find it therapeutic, and maybe my writing skills will improve if I keep at it (ignoring the slight possibility that they could get worse).

I've been feeling very frustrated with myself lately. I can't seem to fall into a proper routine and I end up feeling lazy and annoyed with myself. Adjusting to life back home after travelling has been pretty tough. I did't think it would affect me as much as it has. Weirdly, it has nothing to do with how future plans are going because to be honest, things are going well. I have been earning money, and London now doesn't feel like a far away dream. I desperately want to be out of my parents house and independently living in London, and this definitely feels like a strange limbo. And, of course, a lot of me wants to be back travelling. The thought of waking up and not having a plan, or knowing where you'll end up that day is very addictive.

Basically, I feel unsettled. Health and fitness are big parts of a routine to me. I suppose it's exactly these two aspects which I feel have been left by the wayside recently. This always makes me feel unhappy, and I feel like I am in a constant yo-yo situation. One day, i'd like to have made a lot more progress.

A new chapter.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Starting a new chapter in my life, so naturally that calls for the start of a new blog. I have decided to document my life at the moment in words and photos. This is the slightly backwards chapter; having to move back in with the rents after travelling, working in any old job to save money and looking forward to the current dream of moving to London in September. I really hope it will be able to be September. The end is in sight though, and I am trying to focus everything on earning and saving this summer. Saving is definitely something I don't quite excel at.

Lets hope I do soon.