A year ago today - Dog sledding & northern lights

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A year ago today I was living in Vancouver and we had decided to spend a weekend away in the Yukon, one of the provinces in Northern Canada. I wish I could repeat my year away every day and I really do miss Canada therefore I do end up living vicariously through my photos and memories. I thought i'd share some of the photos from that weekend, as i'd like to revisit the places we visited on this blog.

The Yukon is totally what people picture when they think of Canada - snow everywhere and a balmy -20 degrees. It was so cold that any condensation on your face turned into tiny icicles! Everyone there seemed to think it was rather warm as it was -40 degrees the previous week! Whitehorse is a tiny little town yet houses most of the population of the Yukon. It has as little as four hours of daylight during the winter and midnight sun during the summer. Despite this very difficult climate, the people we met there genuinely loved living in Whitehorse. It puts us Brits complaining about the weather into perspective!

During the weekend we went dog sledding, witnessed the northern lights, went to a wildlife park and bathed in some hot springs. It was a truly amazing weekend and we were very lucky to see the northern lights.  Dog sledding was so much fun and so very surreal. During the moments when you can't see the person in front or behind you and you are just alone, in a snowy wonderland being pulled on a sled by four dogs. Amazing. It was definitely an experience I will never forget.

Excuse the blurriness of the photos of the northern lights - they were rather difficult to photograph with an average camera!

 Have you ever visited the Yukon?

January details

Sunday, 3 February 2013

January has gone past so quickly and much to everyone's delight the evenings are getting slightly lighter and the weather slightly warmer. I definitely feel ready for spring and summer now. Feel like my skin has not felt the sun's warmth for years.

Just thought i'd share a few photos and instagram captures from the past month. The sketches below are by my very talented little sister. I cannot draw like this at all and am constantly in awe of her! She hasn't picked up her pencils and sketchbook for while and recently got inspired whilst watching Africa. I think you'll all agree she needs to keep at it!

Afternoon tea break in Dulwich Village - beautiful area of South London (feels like the countryside, not London!)
Aled & I have this exact photo (see below!) & it made me really miss Canada, travelling & exploring new places

Snowy view outside our flat window - I LOVE the snow and it was amazing to see central London so white
Loved this sign outside a pub in Shoreditch the other day
Had a pedicure & massage at Cowshed last week (Christmas present from Aled!) & it was pure bliss
Trafalgar Square yesterday - finally some sun! Albeit cloudy too.

Instagram  - beznee // Vine - beznee
I really love the new app Vine at the moment (basically like a moving Instagram!)
Anybody else on Vine?