Hello again & Thailand snaps

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Long time, no blog! Hello again (if anyone still reads this...!) For some reason, this summer I haven't at all felt motivated in a creative way. I'm hoping to fall back in love with blogging soon, I don't want to force it as I truly believe a creative stream should be natural. I hate feeling like I have lost my creativity spark. I feel like my mind has been more anxious lately and it's probably linked to that. For some reason on this August Sunday I suddenly felt compelled to start writing and start sharing photos from the past few months. Let's hope my creativity is picking up! I hope so.

Thought i'd share some of my photos from our holiday in Thailand earlier this summer. We tried to squeeze in as much as we could in a two week holiday and visited Bangkok, Khao Sok National Park and Koh Tao with quite a few ferries, buses and overnight trains in between! We had a great mixture of city, jungle and island living which is exactly what we wanted. We were It really was an amazing trip and it has given me itchy feet to properly explore and backpack around SE Asia.

My February in (not many) photos

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

I seem to have mislaid my intentional blogging habits for most of February, but I do have a few photos to post here. My favourite photo that i've taken this month is the above of Taylor Swift, I am a bit of a fan girl. I have a few ideas for posts for March, so fingers crossed my blog will start to be a little more active than usual. Life just always seems to get in the way of posting. I hope you had a good February!

A coastal walk

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Aled & I were in Fishguard, Wales recently with family. The bay looked beautiful just as the sun was setting, so of course I didn't miss the opportunity to take some photos. I bought a new point and shoot camera recently, as I had missed having a camera with me at all times, and my DSLR really isn't good for my shoulder! (I bought this one if you're interested, I really like it so far!). Luckily the rain had stopped for the day and the cold wind made for a good, brisk walk. I really liked how some of the photos captured the dusk light, so thought i'd share...

Hello 2014

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

As always, I hope to blog a bit more this year. I was ill over Christmas and generally felt a bit down with life, therefore creative motivation was in small supply. I relish a fresh start, so the New Year is helping to boost my mood and I genuinely enjoy January as a month. It's usually healthier, (and even more so for me this year, as I am attempting "dry january") and a clean slate approach clears my mind and forces me to think about goals and aims for the year ahead.

This year I want to focus on a change in my mental health. There are a few other changes I want to make in my life but all of them will be affected by how I think and what goes on inside that brain of mine. I have mentioned my anxiety on this blog before and it takes centre stage when I think about how generally happy I am day to day. I have low self-esteem and constantly worry about everything. It's exhausting trying to push unwanted thoughts and worries out of your head everyday. I also self-criticise a lot, and can't seem to get out of a cycle of doing so. It's time for me to face these issues head on, otherwise I feel like I am never going to completely enjoy life. It feels weird writing these personal thought on a public blog (albeit one with a very small readership) but I find it tremendously therapeutic.

I have seen a therapist (as far as my purse stretched), and even though it did help tremendously, there is a lot I personally want to focus on too. I use Tiny Buddha almost daily, and I find the articles very calming. Rosie's post on change completely summed up my own feelings for the New Year. I felt like someone had looked inside my brain! It's comforting to know other people feel the same as you. I have carried around The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle in my handbag for quite a while now, after it was recommend to me by a close friend a few years ago.

Here's to 2014 and striving for a clearer mind, positivity, and a change in my mental outlook. 

Lost photos

Sunday, 1 December 2013

As you probably know, I enjoy taking photos. There are some from over the past few months that never made it into blog posts. The intentions were definitely there, but various drafts never came together. I thought i'd do a post on these which I like but never made it to publish. These photos date back to the summer and include quite a few of the wonderful Harry Potter studio tour!