A weekend in Bruges

Sunday 12 October 2014

At the beginning of September Aled and I visited Bruges for a long weekend. It was a last minute decision, as we were supposed to be going to a festival but the tickets fell through at the last minute. We quickly scanned the internet and found a good deal on lastminute.com for a Eurostar + hotel to Bruges. It's so great to book a holiday and leave the day after booking! We stayed in this hotel and I was impressed at the value for money, given the great location and lovely rooms.

We loved Bruges. It's such a fairytale chocolate box city. It's an easily walkable city with beautiful squares and tiny streets. We also enjoyed what seem to be the 5 main pillars of Belgium; cheese, beer, meat, chocolate and frites. It's safe to say I came back with a tad bit of holiday weight. We checked out all the usual but worthwhile tourist attractions; Belfry tower (stunning views and narrow staircases), a boat tour (great way to see the city at a cheap price), horse and carriage tour (also great, but not so cheap) and rented bicycles for half a day to see the nearby village of Damme via a picturesque canal route (again, good value and plenty of cycle paths).

My photography had been feeling a little stale of late and Bruges really helped to inspire. We researched on Trip Advisor before we left and found that the Bruges Photo Tour was #1 for activities and decided to book it for our last day there. It was such a worthwhile tour and I recommend it to anyone visiting Bruges, and brilliantly each booking included a +1 non-camera friend which meant that Aled could come along and enjoy the tour too.

And now, for the visuals....

Hello again & Thailand snaps

Sunday 17 August 2014

Long time, no blog! Hello again (if anyone still reads this...!) For some reason, this summer I haven't at all felt motivated in a creative way. I'm hoping to fall back in love with blogging soon, I don't want to force it as I truly believe a creative stream should be natural. I hate feeling like I have lost my creativity spark. I feel like my mind has been more anxious lately and it's probably linked to that. For some reason on this August Sunday I suddenly felt compelled to start writing and start sharing photos from the past few months. Let's hope my creativity is picking up! I hope so.

Thought i'd share some of my photos from our holiday in Thailand earlier this summer. We tried to squeeze in as much as we could in a two week holiday and visited Bangkok, Khao Sok National Park and Koh Tao with quite a few ferries, buses and overnight trains in between! We had a great mixture of city, jungle and island living which is exactly what we wanted. We were It really was an amazing trip and it has given me itchy feet to properly explore and backpack around SE Asia.