A weekend in Bruges

Sunday, 12 October 2014

At the beginning of September Aled and I visited Bruges for a long weekend. It was a last minute decision, as we were supposed to be going to a festival but the tickets fell through at the last minute. We quickly scanned the internet and found a good deal on lastminute.com for a Eurostar + hotel to Bruges. It's so great to book a holiday and leave the day after booking! We stayed in this hotel and I was impressed at the value for money, given the great location and lovely rooms.

We loved Bruges. It's such a fairytale chocolate box city. It's an easily walkable city with beautiful squares and tiny streets. We also enjoyed what seem to be the 5 main pillars of Belgium; cheese, beer, meat, chocolate and frites. It's safe to say I came back with a tad bit of holiday weight. We checked out all the usual but worthwhile tourist attractions; Belfry tower (stunning views and narrow staircases), a boat tour (great way to see the city at a cheap price), horse and carriage tour (also great, but not so cheap) and rented bicycles for half a day to see the nearby village of Damme via a picturesque canal route (again, good value and plenty of cycle paths).

My photography had been feeling a little stale of late and Bruges really helped to inspire. We researched on Trip Advisor before we left and found that the Bruges Photo Tour was #1 for activities and decided to book it for our last day there. It was such a worthwhile tour and I recommend it to anyone visiting Bruges, and brilliantly each booking included a +1 non-camera friend which meant that Aled could come along and enjoy the tour too.

And now, for the visuals....

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