Our year away in photos (part 1)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

This is the first of two posts with my favourite photos from our year away travelling America and Canada. I wanted to share a few of these on my blog as it was such an incredible experience. I am sure all my family and friends are sick of me talking about it (yes, stilll, a year after we got back). Hopefully I can do it all again one day. It was hard to choose just 40 to spread across two posts, but I didn't want to bombard the blog with reams of travelling photos, and it's nice to have little highlights like this.

In 2011 and 2012 we backpacked around Canada and America for 5 months and then lived and worked in Vancouver for the rest of the year. I would definitely recommend Canada and America as places to travel around - I want to go back and travel around all the states and provinces we missed!

The quality isn't the best as I had my little point and shoot camera, i'd love to return one day with my DSLR!

Anyway, on to the photos....

View over Lake Huron, Kincardine, Ontario
Looking out over Montreal, Quebec
On the Staten Island Ferry, NYC
Portland Harbour, Maine
On a 19 hour train from Quebec City to Halifax
View from the Rockefeller, NYC
Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia
Tilt shift Boston from the Providence building
Grand Canyon
Bat watching in Austin, TX
Inside The Venetian, Las Vegas
A diner in Nashville, TN
Korean War Memorial, Washington DC
Walking along the beach in Santa Monica, CA
Zion Canyon, Utah
The Vegas sign!
Blowing Rock, North Carolina
Pike Place Market, Seattle
Vancouver, BC - view from Granville Bridge
Snowshoeing in Lake Louise, Alberta with my parents


  1. What an amazing experience that must have been!! A couple of my sister's friends from back home have done ski seasons in Canada. Oh, to be young again! Will you do another working holiday again or will you just do holidays to America/Canada next time? I've only even been to NYC but I loved it and would love to do a road trip from NYC up to Montreal.

    Great photos!

    C x

    1. Thanks :) It really was amazing! I'd love to go back and just travel around I think, another few months of backpacking! Although here's hoping we ever can save enough to do it again. We'd have to not live in London to be able to save haha! Oooh would love to do a road trip from NYC to Montreal too.


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