A wedding & a festival

Thursday, 13 June 2013

I thought i'd share a few photos from the past two or three weeks. I spent a weekend at home recently for a friend's wedding and a family christening. The wedding was a lovely day, luckily with sunshine, and I may have gotten a bit tipsy (read: very). I love attending weddings and hopefully this is the first of many over the next few years, as we enter the second half of our twenties and everyone seems to slightly grow up!

A few weeks ago, Aled & I went to Bushstock, which is a one day music festival held in Shepherd's Bush, put on by folk indie record label Communion. I was only familiar with a few of the artists but had high expectations as the quality of music is always very high with any artist on Communion. I was lucky enough to be able to take a few photos for Aled's review. I love live music photography but am still very amateur. I haven't yet mastered the manual mode on my DSLR and I need to teach myself over the next few months so I am ready for a few summer festivals we are covering. It's only a hobby and hopefully I can slowly improve my skills. I have also picked out a new lens which is waiting in my Amazon basket for my next pay day!

These photos were taken during our brief week of summer here in England. It's now rather grey and dreary. Summer, you were great.



  1. the bride looks gorgeous! how cute is the cake! xx

    1. aren't those lego cake toppers amazing?! xx


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