July in France

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I have only just got around to going through my photos from Brittany. I was unusually busy last week, with plans every weekday night (I am never usually that social in the week, I even surprised myself!). This week has felt a bit like coming back to reality after a holiday and a festival. It's my birthday on Thursday and have a couple of surprises at the weekend from my nearest and dearest to look forward too, including the inevitable meals out, so the end of this week is looking good! I am currently going through my photos from Lounge on the Farm, and shall post them soon. It was a good festival, not the best one i've been too, but still rather enjoyable.

So here are a few photos from France - I usually take way more photos of food, it's never normally this warm so I suppose the beach was a little more distracting....


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